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Become a Python Developer in 6 Months 

With No CS Degree or Experience

Master the art of programming & become a professional Python Software Developer without previous coding experience.

Most efficient and up-to-date way to learn Python from scratch, build a bunch of fun and practical Python projects and gain all the skills you need to get hired as a Python Developer in 2023!

Everything you need to begin your new dream career in tech even if you have no previous technical experience - no computer science degree needed!

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Everything you need to get hired at top tech companies.

Even if you don't have a computer science degree.

Even if you have never coded before.

Ready to start your new

software developer career?

I'm ready to become a Python Developer!

This is NOT just a coding course - it is a lot more:

1. Full Programming Bootcamp

In-depth training to master Python and the art of programming, including OOP, a project building framework & web development using Django, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

2. Insider secrets of tech hiring managers

Most people struggle to get hired because they don't understand what companies truly want. I'll reveal how they hire and how you can become their ideal candidate

3. Access to me (Internet Made Coder)

While the program covers everything - you might want more dedicated help. As a student, you get full access to me for specific help & questions via the program & email at any time.

I want to see everything inside...

I get it. Learning to code can seem overwhelming..

You don't know where t start & you feel overwhelmed with all the information online.

You have thought about starting but then all the questions come up like:

‚ĚďWhere do I get started? There are so many resources and tutorials, how do I know what¬†I need to learn?

‚ĚďHow do I know I am learning the right things? What do I actually need to know to get hired?

‚ĚďHow do I apply what I learn? How do I build projects?¬†Why can I still not code anything despite learning?¬†

‚ĚďWhat should I learn next when there are so many things I could learn?

‚ĚďHow do I know when I have learned enough to apply for jobs? How do I know I am ready for interviews?¬†

‚ĚďWill I ever get hired when the market is so competitive? Why would someone hire me when I have no Computer Science Degree?¬†Isn't the market already saturated?

You're tired of not having the skills to start your dream career.

But you're still stuck because...


You aren't sure if you're smart enough to learn to code...

You keep second-guessing your abilities.

You're afraid that you will have to be a math-wizard to be able to learn to code...

Or worse, you assume that everyone who successfully learns coding must be very smart and have high IQ...

You're stuck in tutorial hell...

You're struggling because you keep stopping one thing and starting another.

You know you should just stick to a proven path, but you don't know what the best path to follow is....

You have no clear roadmap so you feel overwhelmed


And not knowing what to learn makes you feel demotivated.

And even if you manage to learn something, you don't have a framework to get hired. 


Python Developer Bootcamp

A Full Bootcamp from Zero to Your First Job as a Python Software Developer

Yes, I want to become a Python Developer!

Just imagine if...

✅ You finally had a clear roadmap to stick to - that taught you everything you need to know about programming to get a job without needing to be smart - no more tutorial hell!

✅ All the skills you need to start your career in tech were simply handed to you in a structured and logical way

✅ You had one clear path taught by someone who has done it before to get hired in just 6 months by learning the secrets that tech recruiters won't tell you

"Thanks for being available for questions too, it is very valuable!"

"Thanks for the course! I am really enjoying it, and also thanks for being available for questions, it is very valuable."

Coding bootcamps charge $10,000+ 

But Most people can't afford that

By offering mine online, I can offer it at 1/20th the price

We can help you build your dream career, even if ...

  • You're¬†completely new¬†to technology and have never written a line of code before!
  • You've¬†struggled¬†with coding in the past.
  • You've wondered "am I¬†too old¬†to start something new?"
  • You're completely¬†overwhelmed¬†and have no idea where to start.
I'm ready to get started

Meet your instructor: Tuomas Kivioja

Lead Software Engineer @, Programming YouTuber with 300,000 subscribers, ex-Software Engineer @ Deloitte.

Tuomas is the Lead Software engineer and Chief Technical Officer at a tech start-up ( and an Ex-Deloitte Software Engineer who runs a YouTube channel with 300,000 subscribers.

After trying out many career fields like banking and consulting, tuomas realized that his true passion was with technology. So he taught himself to code in 4 months and became a software engineer at Deloitte. 

His passion for coding also led him to create his YouTube channel, where he documents the lessons from his own journey of learning to code with no tech background and no computer science degree.

His main drive is to help a new generation of programmers who might not have expensive degrees learn to code online and successfully land lucrative jobs in the tech industry.

His exceptional teaching skills have helped millions of developers learn how to code and sharpen their programming skills.

Today, with over 400 students in the Python Developer Bootcamp, Tuomas is actively helping the thriving community of motivated programmers inside the program reach their goals while going towards his own dreams with his tech startup.


Lifetime Access to everything below.

Stage 1 - MasterPython Fundamentals & the 5 Secrets to Master Python Without Getting Stuck

(valued at $297)

Master the 5 core building blocks of programming using Python. Master the foundations of programming using the secret sauce to understand the logic of programming in a way that actually works using simple frameworks and visualizations. This stage has no prerequisites and no need to be good at mathematics. 

‚úď 5 Building Blocks - Datatypes, functions, variables, control flow, conditionals

‚úď How computers work, RAM, command line basics

‚úď Programming logic & problemsolving

Stage 2 - Learn the Productivity Secrets of 10x Engineers to Maximize your Progress 

(valued at $297)

Master the habits & secrets I've used over the years to learn much faster than others, work more effectively, and 10x my coding effectiveness to code better and faster and achieve my goals.

‚úst7 Habits of Successful Developers

‚ústHow to learn efficiently and not get stuck

‚ústGet more done with less time

Stage 3 - Build Software like a Pro with Object-Oriented Programming

(valued at $297)

The secrets to how to actually use classes & objects in Python - like a professional developer! Explore how classes and objects can be used to write better programs and model the real world.

‚ústClasses & Objects in Python - syntax & how they work

‚ústReal world examples of classes & how they are used

‚úď Inheritance, constructors, private & static methods, dunder methods

Stage 4 - Uncover how the Web works & Master Web Development using Django

(valued at $397)

Learn to build web masterpieces through a comprehensive pro web developer skillset including HTML, CSS, Javascript and Django with Python. Discover their elegant architectures, create dynamic web pages, handle databases, and craft seamless user experiences.

‚úď How the web works - HTTP, client & server architecture, request & response cycles and a lot more

‚ústHTML, CSS & Javascript with libraries like Bootstrap and 2 full projects

‚ústDjango framework including models, forms, user authentication, database management and everything else you need to know with full projects to apply your skills


Stage 5 - Build Killer Programming Projects that Give You an Unfair Advantage

(valued at $397)

Master the art of crafting spectacular coding projects that will make recruiters's jaws drop! Armed with 10+ portfolio project ideas with walkthroughs, turn theory into practice faster than ever and start landing coveted interviews.

‚úď My proprietary Project-Building Guide & Framework¬†that I use¬†myself

‚úď 10+ Proven Portfolio Project Ideas

‚ústFull guides & roadmaps on how to build real projects from zero

Stage 6 - Land a $100K+ Developer Job

(valued at $397)

Unlock the secrets to successfully sell yourself to big tech companies to secure a high-paying Developer job. Uncover the proven strategies that will help you optimize your resume, master LinkedIn networking, apply for jobs more effectively, and ace coding interviews with confidence. 

‚ústResume Optimization - why 98% of resumes get ignored

‚ústLinkedIn Mastery - optimize your profile and have recruiters find you

‚ústInterview skills - how anyone can master the coding interview and land offers

I'm ready to start well as all the bonus modules below at no extra charge as they are released

Extra Modules

AI-Driven Developer Mastery

(valued at $179)

Learn to leverage AI tools like Chat GPT-4 to 10x the speed of your programming workflow. 

‚úď How to use AI to Learn to Code faster

‚úď My full AI-Driven Development Process that we use in our team

‚úďHow to Use AI to Get a Job faster

Python Scripting & Automation Pro

(valued at $179)

Learn how to use Python to automate your everyday life and manipulate your computer.


Self-Taught Programmers are in demand in 2023 - but you need to know how to stand out

Did you know that a staggering 97% of resumes are overlooked by recruiters?

I wish I knew this when I started...

That is why inside Python Developer Masterclass, I give you the secrets that I have used to review 100s of resumes and personally help my friends and clients land coveted positions at top companies.

I had to figure all of this out on my own, but today I am simply giving all the secrets to you.

I not only terach you to code in Python, to build projects that will impress recruiters but I will also give you all the tools to actually get, prepare for and pass interviews.

Given that this information alone can help you land a 6-figure job, I could easily charge $10,000+ for just this information alone.

But I won't, because I have simply laid out all the secrets that I have used for 4+ years to help myself and others land jobs in many industries inside this course.

Question is, how much is your career worth to you?

Python Developer average salary:


Give me the skills to get a job!

But that's still not everything...

 Python Developer Playbook - a Full Exclusive Companion Notion Template  ($129 value)

Worried about retaining all the valuable knowledge from the Python Developer Masterclass? Say hello to your comprehensive companion, the Python Developer Playbook!

This Notion template is designed to be your go-to resource, packed with full summaries of ALL core content, additional practice exercises, bonus materials, and so much more.

Carefully structured to mirror the course outline, each section of the toolkit features targeted exercises and valuable resources to help reinforce and solidify your learning. 

Stand Out with Expert Resume Templates & Guide ($129 value)

Unlock the secret to grabbing recruiters' attention with our 3 Proven Resume Templates, specifically designed to showcase the skills you acquire from the Python Developer Masterclass!

Select the perfect template and pair it with our meticulously crafted Resume Guide, drawing on 5+ years of experience and insights from reviewing hundreds of resumes. With this winning combination, you'll eliminate any worries about landing interviews and stand out from the competition with ease!

 10+ High-impact Project Ideas ($129 value)

Supercharge your Developer Portfolio with projects proven to captivate recruiters' attention!

Say goodbye to time-consuming, mediocre mickey-mouse projects that fail to impress. Choose from our collection of 10+ pre-made project templates, complete with detailed step-by-step guides to jumpstart your journey to a standout portfolio!

Make Recruiters Find YOU using Secret Linkedin Hacks ($129 value)

Did you know that around 72% of recruiters use LinkedIn when hiring new talent?

Optimize Your Linkedin Profile so that companies will find you through Linkedin Search - leading to interview offers while you sleep.

In addition, get access to exclusive message templates to know exactly how to message recruiters to get interviews fast!

A Certificate Of Completion.

Complete Python Developer Masterclass & show off your new programming skills.

You've earned it.

Enrol today

You'll fit right in if:

  • You're a beginner & you're struggling to make progress using free tutorials¬†that aren't giving you the structure or clear path to achieving your goals.
  • You feel stuck¬†AND are sick of dreading Monday mornings BUT you're willing to put in the hard work to make a change in your life.
  • You can't or don't want to¬†shell out $10,000+¬†on a coding bootcamp or $40,000 on a computer science degree but you're ready to take the next step in your career.
  • You¬†don't just want to learn useless theory but you actually want to learn to code cool & awesome projects that can get you a real job¬†at a big tech company or an exciting startup.

The course is not for you if:

  • You are mostly looking for high-level theory¬†and don't want to get your hands dirty building real projects and learning from your mistakes.
  • You're not ready to invest in yourself¬†and are looking for the cheapest way to learn.¬†
  • You're¬†not ready to put in¬†the work that is required¬†- You need to put in 2-4 hours per day consistently for 3-6 months
  • You¬†don't think you would enjoy¬†coding¬†¬†- If coding doesn't excite you, there is no point in learning it. If you haven't found the spark yet, I recommend you listen to my story of how I learned to code in 4 months & got a job offer (with no CS degree) here.

Some of the things people are saying...

"You're saving my life with everything you do" 

-Julian Armstrong

"You're literally the bets course creator I have ever seen" 

-Diego Vera


Total Value = $3,453

Full Price = $497





 One Upfront Payment

Everything You Get Inside

Python Developer Bootcamp

The Full Step-by-step Bootcamp that takes you from your first line of code to an advanced programmer who can land multiple 6-figure offers in tech.


  • Module 1 - Python Programming Fundamentals (valued at $297)

  • Module 2 - Programmer's Productivity¬†Mastery (valued at $297)

  • Module 3 - Python¬†Object-Oriented Programming Mastery¬†(valued at $297)

  • Module 4 - Python Web Developer Pro (valued at $397)

  • Module 5¬†- Programming¬†Project Building¬†Mastery (valued at $397)

  • Module 6 - Everything you need to Land a $100k Developer Job (valued at $397)


  • Extra module 1 - AI-Driven Developer Mastery¬†(valued at $179)¬†

  • Extra module 2¬†-Python¬†Scripting & Automation Mastery (valued at $179) - COMING SOON
  • ...and¬†much more¬†at no extra cost coming soon


  • Companion Notion Template - Python Developer Playbook (valued at $129)
  • 10¬†High-Impact¬†Portfolio Project Ideas (valued at $129)
  • 5 Expert Resume Templates (valued at $129)
  • Done-for-You LinkedIn profile Templates &¬†recruiter message templates (valued at $129)


  • Direct access to me (Tuomas/Internet Made Coder) for advice & questions via the comments (valued at $497)
  • FREE Certificate of Completion¬†
  • 14-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked



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