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Algo University (using Python)

Master data structures & algorithms - this time for real!

My aim for this is to be the definitive Python-based masterclass for you to ACTUALLY understand data structures & algorithms.

No more trying to memorize 300 Leetcode problems and hoping for the best.

No, I want you to finally understand the logic behind data structures & algorithms so that solving coding problems becomes EASY.

I want this course to be so good that after taking it you will literally walk into any coding interview with so much confidence that you are no longer afraid of it, but rather excited to show them what you can do.

Perhaps most importantly, I want to make you excited & interested to delve even deeper into the world of algorithmic problem solving - so that rather than dreading Leetcode, you will actually start to crave more problems (also because you will be so good at them..and we humans love doing what we are good at)

So that is the mission statement for this course. For that reason, I hope you understand that it will still take some time to develop but I am happy to say that I am actively pouring my heart and soul into this every week.

I can't wait to share it when it is ready. I think you will love it.

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